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Athabasca University

€3,090.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)

  • Athabasca University
  • Athabasca University
  • Athabasca University

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Təhsil haqqı : €3,090.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)
Qəbul etdiyi imtahan : Qəbul: TOEFL, IELTS
Tarix : 11/05/2018
Qəbul : Qəbul bitib
Ölkə/Şəhər/Ünvan : 1 University Dr, Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3, Canada

Athabasca University (AU) is a Canadian university specializing in online distance education and one of four comprehensive academic and research universities in Alberta. Founded in 1970, it was the first Canadian university to specialize in distance education.

Athabasca University was created by the Alberta government in 1970. It was part of the expansion of the higher education system in Alberta at that time to cope with rising enrolment.

In the late 1960s, the University of Alberta (U of A) had long been established, the University of Calgary was created after legislation had been changed, and an Order in Council had created the University of Lethbridge. In 1967, the Manning government announced its intention to establish a fourth public university, but this would be delayed by three years as the government considered different proposals. The U of A wanted to expand rather than see another university open in Edmonton to compete with it. One proposal favoured establishing a Christian university instead of a secular one. Another early suggestion was an “Alberta academy” that would take credits students had earned at multiple universities, evaluate them for transfer, and perhaps award degrees. A Department of Education ad hoc group favoured the establishment of a fourth public university.

  • Faculty of Business 
  • Faculty of Health Disciplines 
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences 
  • Faculty of Science & Technology 
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies


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