Atılım Universiteti

Atılım Universiteti

Atılım University (In Turkish: Atılım Üniversitesi) is a private university, created in 1997. It is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The language of instruction for most courses is English. Education programs are at international standards (e.g. ABET 2000). Atılım University was chosen The best universities in the World between 401-500 in 2016 by London-based The Higher Education(THE).Atilim University was founded on 15 July 1997 by Atılım Foundatıon, which was created in 1996. It was founded to serve as a Foundation University in the capacity of a legal entity pursuant to provisions of Law no. 2547 concerning the Foundation of Higher Education Institutes. Atılım University is located on 250 acres of land in İncek, Gölbaşı, one of the most recent and fastest developing residential areas of Ankara, 20 km from the City Centre and 7 km from the motorway.

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