Belgorod State University

Belgorod State University

The mission of Belgorod State National Research University (BSNRU) is to solve research problems of international and national significance, to harmoniously integrate the educational, research, social and cultural functions of the University, to train highly qualified professionals capable of ensuring the competitiveness of Russia and Belgorod region in the global socioeconomic arena, and to preserve and develop the cultural and moral legacy of the country and the region.Belgorod State University consists of several campuses. The central campus includes 8 academic buildings, a research library, a publishing house, a museum of BelSU history, a University newspaper editorial office, a Career Counseling Center, Youth Cultural Center, a dormitory, an apartment block for University faculty, St.Gabriel’s University Church and an administrative building. This campus provides facilities for professional training of future lawyers, philologists, translators, biologists, chemists, doctors, pharmacists, journalists, geologists, geographers, managers, economists, and programmers.

Institute of Law

Institute of Pedagogy

Faculty of Physical Education

Faculty of Preschool, Primary and Special education

Faculty of History and Philology

Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Psychology

Institute of Medicine

Medical College

The Institute of Cross-cultural Communications and International Relations

The Preparatory Faculty

The Institute of Management

Institute of Economy

Institute of Engineering Technology and Natural Science

Faculty of Mining and Natural Resource Management

Faculty of Journalism

Faculty of Theology and Social Sciences