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China Agricultural University

$2,500.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)

  • China Agricultural University
  • China Agricultural University
  • China Agricultural University

Universitet haqda məlumat

Təhsil haqqı : $2,500.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)
Qəbul etdiyi imtahan : Qəbul: TOEFL, IELTS
Tarix : 10/27/2018
Qəbul : Qəbul bitib
Ölkə/Şəhər/Ünvan : 17 Qinghua E Rd, Haidian Qu, Beijing Shi, Китай, 100083


China Agricultural University (CAU) is a publicly owned top ranked university in China. CAU is also the oldest higher education institute for agriculture in China, as its origins can be traced back to 1905. The University has 14 colleges and 60 departments and is attended by 20,000 students, of which around 450 are international students. CAU offers 12 masters programs and 11 doctoral programs in English. The University offers scholarships to international students and career counseling.

Faculties and colleges

College of Agronomy.

College of Horticulture.

College of Plant Protection.

College of Biological Sciences.

College of Animal Science and Technology.

College of Veterinary Medicine.

College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering.

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences.


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