Dagestan State Technical University

Dagestan State Technical University

Daghestan State Technical University is a big educational scientific and cultural centre of the south of Russia, a higher school of innovative type with a high intellectual and scientific potential. Since its creation the University has trained more than 40000 specialists of the most demanded engineering professions for many branches of industry of the Republic and the country. The history of creation of FSBEE HPE “DGTU” dates back to 24 January 1970, when the Council of Ministers of the USSR enacted by-law on the organization of Daghestan State Polytechnic Institute. By order No 330 of the Minister of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education of the RSFSR of 17 August 1971 the structure of Daghestan State Polytechnic Institute, list of departments, laboratories, and classrooms as well as the consultative body of the Institute were confirmed, and by order No 71 of the RSFSR Ministry of Higher Schools of 24 February 1971 all the organizational issues were settled up, and in 1972 the institute was set up. Mechanical, Instrument-Making, Building and Technological faculties were considered to form the structure of the Institute. 

Faculty of Computer Technology, Computer Engineering and Energy

Engineering and Economic Faculty

Faculty of Information Systems

Faculty of radioelectronics, Telecommunications and Multimedia Technology

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Oil, Gas and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Architecture and Construction

Faculty of customs and forensics

Faculty of transportation

Faculty of retraining