Dagestan State University

Dagestan State University

Dagestan State University was founded in October, 1931 as the Teachers’ Training Institute, and later, in 1957, it was transformed into Dagestan State University (DSU). During its formation and development the university has played a prominent role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the peoples of Dagestan as well as in the development of its scientific, technical, educational and artistic communities. Thereby, the University performed a historical mission in the life of the peoples of Dagestan and Russia.Today DSU ranks as a major educational, scientific and cultural center which provides training at all levels of pre-university, university, postgraduate and further education in 59 specialties and degree programs for natural sciences, liberal arts and technical studies.

1Faculty of international education 

2Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science 

3Faculty of Foreign Languages 

4Faculty of Culture 

5Faculty of History 

6Faculty of Biology 

7Faculty of Social Studies 

8Faculty of Oriental Studies 

9Faculty of Philology 

10Faculty of Ecology and Geography 

11Faculty of Chemistry 

12Faculty of Physics 

13Faculty of Psychology and Philosophy

14Faculty of Physical Training and Sport 

15Faculty of Economics 

16Faculty of Law 

17Faculty of Information and Information Technologies