İnönü University

İnönü University

İnönü University is a public university in Malatya, Turkey. On 28 January 1975, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey ordered the establishment of İnönü University in Malatya, the hometown of the 2nd and 8th presidents of Turkey who are Ismet Inonu and Turgut Ozal.İnönü University is one of the biggest public university of eastern part of Turkey. İnönü University has 6 campuses, 5 institutes, 15 faculties, 19 research centers and an innovative science and technology park (Technopolis) which is called Malatya Technology Development Zone in Malatya. Over 90,000 students have graduated since 1975 from İnönü University. Inside the university, there is a museum commemorating Ismet Inonu, along-with another museum commemorating Turgut Ozal. Currently, İnönü University has over 1600 faculty members and research assistants, around 3500 graduate students and over 41000 (approximately 1500 students from different countries) undergraduate students.

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