Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon

Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon

The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon or INSA Lyon is a Grande École d’Ingénieurs. INSA Lyon is ranked among the top universities of Science and Technology in Europe, pluridisciplinary and international, at the heart of the European Higher Education Area. The school was founded in 1957 to train highly qualified engineers, support continuing education, and conduct research and testing. The five-year curriculum aims at training engineers who possess human qualities and are well versed in the primary areas of science and engineering. Graduates from INSA are called “Insaliens”.

The education is organised as follows:

  • the first cycle: highly selective, students acquire the necessary scientific background for future engineering studies. 
  • the second cycle: students are given the choice between 12 fields of specialisation. They may pursue a Phd upon completion of the 5-year curriculum. 

The university is located on the La Doua-LyonTech campus, home of science-related universities. La Doua is located in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon.

  • Computer science, 
  • Biochemistry and Biotechnologies, 
  • Bioinformatics, 
  • Civil engineering and urban planning, 
  • Electrical engineering, 
  • Energy engineering and environment, 
  • Mechanical engineering (design, development, plasturgy processes), 
  • Industrial engineering, 
  • Materials science and engineering, 
  • Telecommunications