Irkutsk State University

Irkutsk State University

Irkutsk State University was founded in October 1918 in Irkutsk. Nowadays Irkutsk State University is a large scientific and educational institution training students in humanities, natural, technical and applied sciences. ISU facilities include 7 educational institutions, 10 faculties, 1 branch in Bratsk, the scientific library that is one of the largest University libraries in Russia. ISU offers bachelor, master, post-graduate programs for more than 18000 students that have opportunity to specialize under the supervision of world-known scientists.For decades, Irkutsk University has trained more than 80 thousand highly qualified specialists, famous scientists, teachers, writers, and statesmen, including State Prize winners and famous talented writers V. Rasputin, A. Vampilov, and M. Sergeev.

Faculty of Biology and Soil Studies

Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Geology

Faculty of History

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Religious Studies and Theology

Faculty of Service and Advertising

Faculty of Philology and Journalism

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Chemistry