Istinye University

Istinye University

In the 21st century, where knowledge is difficult, a new and rapid transformation has taken place, it has become easier than ever. In the old times, we can reach the Library of Alexandria, which contains all the current knowledge of the world, which we are dreaming of in the past, with our personal computers. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make use of the information we have reached with the opportunities provided by the Internet era, and to make sense of the needs of the developing and globalizing world. At this point we would like to keep up with individuals who are equipped to meet the requirements and expectations of the modern world by combining the theoretical background of social sciences with practical facts of life as Istinye University Institute of Social Sciences. Our aim is to make our academic research, education, service and innovation power evolve to the added value of the country. In order to take the Turkish society forward, we will be the leaders of the future, together with the private sector, the public and the university, and we will be the leaders of the future. We are ready to mobilize for you.

If you are an ambitious and academically oriented student, you are invited to join the Istinye University family. Let us make the claim that our university is a guide in the academic world. In this direction, our university on Turkey’s future leaders and independent country in strengthening its competitiveness in the international system highly trained aims to improve the quality of human resources and creative horizons for you in order to find solutions together by harmonizing also would like to see us.

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