Karadeniz Technical University

Karadeniz Technical University

Founded with the approval of the bill proposed by Trabzon Deputy Mustafa Reşit Tarakçıoğlu and his twenty-eight comrades by the law no. 6594 of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey dated 20 May 1955, KTU is the first university of Turkey established outside Istanbul and Ankara.About 8 years after its foundation, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Faculty of Forestry were established through the assignment of staff for the rector’s office and faculties under the law no. 336 dated 19 September 1963.The university commenced its educational activities in the elementary school building of Ataturk Primary School located in the Esentepe neighborhood of Trabzon on 2 December 1963.Later in 1966, it moved to its current campus.With KTU flourishing expeditiously, faculty staff were assigned to the faculties of Earth Sciences and Medicine with the law no. 1659 dated 4 January 1973. Following the enactment of the Law on Higher Education no. 2547 in 1981, the university accelerated its expansion with new faculties and departments opened.Today, KTU is one of the outstanding universities in Turkey with its 17 faculties, four schools, one conservatory, seven graduate schools, 12 vocational schools, and 28 research and application centers as well as 2,400 well-qualified academics and 60,000 students from 81 provinces of Turkey and many different countries.

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