Kuban State University

Kuban State University

Kuban State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the South of Russia. Founded in September 1920, it has a 95-year history based on the best traditions of classical education and recognized achievements. In 2015, the University consists of 17 faculties, the Institute of Primary and Secondary Vocational Education, postgraduate training programs (60 specialities) and a higher doctorate (19 specialities), 10 research institutes, the Institute of Testing Technology and General Further Education, the Professional Retraining and Advanced Training Institute. Kuban State University, among 55 other leading universities of Russia, won the competition of strategic development programs and has been implementing the program for three years already. KubSU’s victory in the competition of student associations’ activity programs has allowed the University to rise to the new level of development of the student government and educational work with students.

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Faculty of Art and Graphics

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Chemistry and High Technologies

Faculty of Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Geology

Faculty of History, Sociology and International Relations

Faculty of Journalism

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Management and Psychology

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Faculty of Modern Languages

Faculty of Physics and Technology

Faculty of Pedagogics, Psychology and Communicational science

Faculty of Russian Philology