Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (until March 6, 2018 – Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU); Latvian: Latvijas Lauksaimniecības universitāte; LLU)is a university in Jelgava, Latvia, specializing in agricultural science, forestry, food technology and related areas.

The university consists of 8 faculties offering the following study programmes:

Faculty of Economics and Social Development (2013)


Business Studies

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Business Management

Financial Management

Faculty of Information Technologies (2001)

Computer Control and Computer Science


Information Technologies

Faculty of Agriculture (1863)


Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Agronomist with Specialization in Zootechnics

Field Crops


Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering (1947)

Civil Engineering and Construction

Land Surveying and Management

Environmental Science

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture and Planning

Water Management

Environement and Water Management

Environmental Engineering

Forest Faculty (1920)

Forestry Science

Forest Ecology and Silviculture

Forest Works and Machinery

Forest Economics and Policy

Wood Materials and Technology


Wood Processing Technology

Wood Processing

Labour Safety

Forest Engineering

Faculty of Food Technology (1948)

Food Science

Nutrition Science

Catering and Hotel Management

Food Technology

Faculty of Engineering (1944)

Agricultural Engineering

Technical Expert

Agricultural Power Engineering

Machine Design and Manufacturing

Home Environment in Education

Teacher of Vocational Education


Career Counsellor

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (1919)

Veterinary Medicine

Food Hygiene