Mardin Artuklu University

Mardin Artuklu University

T.R. Mardin Artuklu University was established on 17 May 2007 in accordance with the law no 5662. It aims to contribute the social and cultural atmosphere of Mardin city and the environment of it located on the geography with 4000-year history and including various languages, religion and cultural wealth. In this way functioning as a bridge between the universities in Turkey and in the Middle East is the main goal of the university.Mardin located on the fertile lands of the Crescent is the city of civilization which flourished with the civil heritage of the Middle East and has an ancient culture including all colors and voices. In Nusaybin the first Christian Assyrian academia was opened by Mor Yakup from Nusaybin, which is known with the titles Ümmü’l- Ulum (Mother of Wisdom) and Medinetu’l-Maarif (City of Education) 

The Mor Yakup Monastery, located in Nusaybin, is the world’s first education university where philosophy, logic, literature, geometry, astronomy, medicine, and law was taught. The heritage of knowledge and wisdom of the Nisibis Academia (Nusaybin Academy), Deyrulzafaran, great schools such as Kasımiye, Zinciriye and Medresâ Sor (Sor Madrasah) was revived at Mardin Artuklu University.

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