Niccolò Cusano University

Niccolò Cusano University

The University Niccolò Cusano (Unicusano), is a non-state public university set up by the Ministry of Education by the Ministerial Decree of May 10, 2006 (G.U. n. 140suppl.N.151 of 1962006).This new academic institution is the result of a successful merger of the founders’ professional experience with economists, educators, lawyers, political scientists, linguists, computer scientists and researchers who are willing to invest their knowledge in the creation of a new academic institution. Their aim is to combine the typical teaching and research of a traditional university and the ever – growing capability of information technology to educate and train students and carry out innovative research.University Niccolò Cusano is a very versatile university offering both traditional face to face lessons at its Campus in Rome and modern e-learning lessons, for degree courses in six areas: Law, Economics, Political Science, Education, Psychology, Engineering.

Faculty of Education Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Political Science

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Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Psychology