North-Eastern Federal University

North-Eastern Federal University

NEFU ‘s total undergraduate student population number is about 17,358. More than 500 students are engaged in postgraduate work. 1,601 academic staff are currently employed at the University. Of these 209 hold doctor’s degree, 845 candidate of science degree.  12 Institutes, 6 faculties, 3 University branches in Mirny, Nerungry and Chukotka, 6 major research institutes. More than 450 Degree Programs are available to our students. The University occupies 40 buildings and 12 residence halls located mostly in the University campus. The accessible and convivial dimension of the campus makes students feel at home; international students are well integrated as it is easy to contact faculty, administration and other students. There are student canteens almost everywhere throughout the campus that propose different meals at an affordable price.

Faculty of History

Faculty of Philology 

Faculty of Law 

Faculty of Road Construction 

Faculty of Geology and Survey