Norwegian Military Academy

Norwegian Military Academy

   The Norwegian Military Academy (Krigsskolen), in Oslo, educates officers of the Norwegian Army and serves as the King’s Royal Guard. The academy was established in 1750, and is the oldest institution for higher education in Norway. The current commandant is Colonel Erlend Bekkestad.

   The Academy is a part of the Norwegian Army. The Academy consists of 7 courses. 1 course is located at Terningmoen, with a yearlong NCO course and prep course. 5 course are located at Linderud, with general education, engineering education and a qualifying course. The logistical course is located in Bergen.

   The Academy offers a general education as well as a specialized engineering and logistical education. In addition, several civilian studies are available.

The general course

The engineering course

The logistics course

The NCO course

The qualifying course