Novosibirsk State Medical Academy

Novosibirsk State Medical Academy

 In 2010 the Novosibirsk State Medical University (NSMU) celebrated its 75th anniversary! The history of the university is closely related to the history of public health services in Novosibirsk city, in south-western Siberia and, perhaps, in the entire country. 75 years in business means a rich history. Through all those years the NSMU has been fulfilling one mission which is teaching to heal people. The university has been teaching young men and women to understand the professional duty of a medical doctor to serve people and devote oneself to this service.NSMU is proud of all amazing people working here and contributing in the development of medicine not only in Novosibirsk and Russia but also in the entire world. The NSMU leaders today are established doctors who also work at the city clinics and hospitals.

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