Ovidius University

Ovidius University

Ovidius University of Constanta is a public higher education institution in Constanţa, Romania founded in 1961 as a Pedagogical Institute and transformed into a comprehensive university in 1990. As the Charter of the university[1] states, the Pedagogical Institute was founded by Order of the Ministry of Education no. 654 of 1961, comprising four faculties. By State Council Decree no. 209 of 1977 the institute became a Higher Education Institute and reorganized. By Government Decision 209 of 1990 the institute became a university and, a year later, by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science no. 4894 of 1991 the university was given the present name.

The university is named after Ovid, the famous Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, who spent the last years of his life in the ancient Greek colony of Tomis, about 2000 years ago.

Ovidius University consists of 16 faculties:

Faculty of Letters

Faculty of Theology

Faculty of History and Political Sciences

Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Dental Medicine

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Mechanical, Industrial and Maritime Engineering

Faculty of Constructions

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences