Pegaso University of Naples

Pegaso University of Naples

The Pegaso University (Italian: Università degli Studi Pegaso), often simply abbreviated as “Unipegaso” is a private university founded in 2006 in Naples, Italy.I-UNIVERSITY: Intelligence, Independence, Integration. These are the Educational Criteria that characterize The Pegaso Online University, whose mission lies in the achievement of a complete interaction between the Academy and the students, it is oriented to the constant improvement of the cultural and professional skills, and fulfils own ward pedagogic model of continuous education (the Lifelong Learning) and the “Personal Learning Environment”, that makes, learning a central value.Instituted by a Ministerial Decree the 20th of April 2006 (GU n. 118, the 23th of May 2006- Ordinary Suppl. n. 125), Pegaso Online University is an Academy built on modern and efficient technological standards in the e-learning area.

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