Penza State University

Penza State University

Penza State University (Russian: Пензенский государственный университет) is a state university in the city of Penza. It was founded in 1943. The university has nine faculties and five institutes. November 1st, 2013 Penza State University is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The history of the university goes back to July 1943, when an industrial institute was moved from Odessa, occupied by the Nazi army, to Penza. By the 1st of November that year, everything had been ready to accept the students. 600 students, among them 525 first-year students, started their studies here. First Director of the institute, Sergey Berezko, is credited with laying down the basis for the successful growth of the educational institution.

Polytechnic Institute

Faculty of Computer Engineering

Faculty of Machine Building and Transport

Faculty of Instrument Engineering, Information Technologies and Electronics

Institute of Teacher Education 

Faculty of History, Languages and Literature

Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Sciences

Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Medical Institute 

Faculty of General Medicine

Faculty of Dentistry

Institute of Sport and Physical Training 

Faculty of Economics and Administration 

Faculty of Law