Rostov State Economics University

Rostov State Economics University

Development of vocational and then of higher education in Rostov started in 1900 with establishing of Rostov Male Commerce School and continued even during the World War I, when majority of the professor staff from Warsaw University moved to Rostov in 1915.Rostov State University of Economics means a high quality professional education that unites well-established universities’ traditions and modern educational technologies, highly professional staff, long-life learning concept in a wide range of areas for creation of competitive specialists for Russian and international labour markets.Basic principles of university activity are solidity, quality, succession of education and science, research and training, integration of regional and world scientific-educational community. University, being a union of scholars, teachers, other staff, and students, is a keeper of high spirit of academic freedom and corporative ethics.

Faculty of National and International Economy

Faculty of Marketing and Commerce

Faculty of Informatization and Control

Faculty of Accounting

Financial Faculty

Law Faculty

Faculty of Linguistics and Journalism