Saint Petersburg Conservatory

Saint Petersburg Conservatory

St. Petersburg Conservatory was founded in 1862 following the initiative and through the active organizational skills of the renowned pianist and composer Anton. Rubinstein.Currently, the conservatory has 6 departments: department of composition and conducting, piano, orchestral instruments, voice and stage directing, musicology, and folk instruments. The departments can boast of the world famous composers, conductors, singers, pianists, organists, orchestra instruments performers, opera directors, ballet masters, musicologists.Currently the conservatory employs more than 400 teachers and provides education for over 1300 students. Since 1975 the conservatory has been actively enrolling foreign students whose total number today is estimated to be 250 people from 38 countries of the world.

Instrumental Music Performance

Vocal Performance


Choreography (Choreographer)

Choreography (Ballet-master/ Assistant Choreographer)

The Art of Instrumental Music Performance

The Art of Vocal Performance

The Art of Conducting (Symphony Conducting, Choral Conducting)

The Art of Composition