Saratov State University

Saratov State University

Saratov State University was founded in June, 1909 and named after Emperor of Russia Nicholas II. First university buildings were designed by architect Karl L. Miufke. Vasiliy I. Razumovsky, a famous scientist, doctor and public person became the first rector of Saratov University.Saratov State University is a large information center. It includes regional Scientific Library named after V.A. Artisevich; Volga Region Center of New Information Technologies; Computer Center; SSU Publishing House. Saratov State University is a member of the Federal network of universities having supercomputers. The University is on the list of 42 nano-industrial centers included in the National nano-technological network.

Research and Education institutions, centers and laboratories, museums and innovation departments form an important part of the University. They include Research Institute of Nanostructures and Biosystems, Natural Science Research Institute, Institute of Archeology and Cultural Heritage, Botanical Garden, Regional Center of Computer Technologies in Industry, Technopark innovation Center, 3 Technology Transfer Centers, Multi-access Centers, and a Business Incubator.

Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Geography

Faculty of Geology

Institute of Pre-University Education

Institute of Continuing Professional Education

Institute of Arts

Institute of History and International Relations

Institute of Sports and Physical Training

Institute of Philology and Journalism

Institute of Chemistry

Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics

Faculty of Sociology

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Language Teaching Methods

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies

Faculty of Nano- and Biomedical Technologies

Faculty of Nonlinear Processes

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Pedagogical and Special Needs Education

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Law