Sichuan University, Chengdu

Sichuan University, Chengdu

Sichuan University (SCU) is one of China’s top universities, attached to the Ministry of Education. The Chairman of the University Council of Sichuan University is Wang Jianguo, and the President is Li Yanrong.

Sichuan University is located in Chengdu, a famous historical and cultural capital city of Sichuan Province, known as the land of abundance. It consists of three campuses:Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiang’an, covering an area of 470 hectares and boasting 2.515 million square meters of floor space. The university campuses, with their favorable environment and beautiful landscape, make a wonderful place for learning and research.

Sichuan University is an institution that comprises three former national universities: the former Sichuan University, the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology, and the former West China University of Medical Sciences. The history of Sichuan University dates back to the Sichuan Chinese and Western School founded by Lu Chuanlin, Governor of Sichuan in 1896 on the orders of Emperor Guangxu. It is the earliest modern institute of higher education in Southwest China. The former Chengdu University of Science and Technology was one of the earliest multi-disciplinary engineering universities established through a restructuring program of colleges and universities. The former West China University of Medical Sciences, original West China Union University, was established by western Christian missionaries in Chengdu in 1910. It was not only one of the first universities in the western tradition, but also one of the pioneering universities to offer postgraduate programs in China.

College of Life Sciences

West China Medical School 

Department of Computer Science and Technology

College of Hydraulic and Hydra-electric Engineering

West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital

Department of Chemistry

Department of Physics

Department of Chemical Engineering

College of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

National Engineering Research Center for Biomaterials

Department of Electrical Engineering

College of Polymer Science and Engineering

Department of Material Science

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Software Engineering

Department of Business Administration

Polymer Research Institute

West China School of Stomatology

College of Electronics and Information Engineering

State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy

Department of Economics

Institute of Chemical Engineering

Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Department of Oral Medicine

College of Chemical Engineering

Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology

College of Chemistry

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Polymer Materials

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

State Key Laboratory of Oral Diseases

Applied Psychology and Mental Health Research Institute

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Department of Polymer Science

Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics

Department of Foreign Language

Department of Neurosurgery

Department of Managerial Science

West China School of Pharmacy

Business School

Department of Prosthodontics

Department of Urology

Department of Anesthesiology

Department of Cardiology

Department of Neurology

College of Computer Science

College of Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Biomass and Leather Engineering

Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Department of Architecture

Department of History

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Department of Pediatrics

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Department of Oncology

Department of Pharmacy (WCSUH)

Department of English

Department of Pharmaceutics

Department of Radiology (WCSUH)

School of Electronics and Information Engineering

College of Physical Science and Technology

Department of Orthodontics

Department of Nephrology

Department of Optoelectronic Science and Technology

Department of Pharmacology

State Key Laboratory of Polymer Material Engineering 

West China School of Preclinical and Forensic Medicine

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Forensic Genetics

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration

Department of Journalism

Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene

Chuanda Law Firm

College of Architecture and Environment

Department of Archeology

Department of Computer Network and Communication

Department of Health Statistics

Department of Hematology

Department of Human Resource Studies

Department of Law

Department of Applied Chemistry

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Department of Materials Forming and Control Engineering

Department of Pathology

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Department of Basic Science of Stomatology

Department of Endocrinology

Department of Laboratory Medicine

Department of Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument Engineering

Department of Medical Information Engineering

Department of Ophthalmology 

Department of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Engineering

Department of Public Administration and Public Policy