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Smolensk State University

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  • Smolensk State University
  • Smolensk State University
  • Smolensk State University

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Təhsil haqqı : $3,000.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)
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Tarix : 10/06/2018
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Ölkə/Şəhər/Ünvan : Smolensk

Smolensk State University is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It was established on 7 November in 1918 by the decree of the Council of People’s Commissars. At first the university combined humanitarian, natural-science and medical educational areas.

According to the decision of the government about a reform of higher and secondary vocational-technical education, on 18 April in 1930 the university was reorganized in two independent institutes. They were Smolensk State Teacher Training Institute and Smolensk State Medical Institute.

On 13 January in1998 Smolensk State Teacher Training Institute was renamed, it became Smolensk State Teacher Training University. But the modern part of the university history begins on 19 December 2005 when according to the order of the Federal Educational Agency Smolensk State Teacher Training University was renamed again and became Smolensk State University. This decision was not a formal renaming; the status of the classical university was returned back to it.

On 13 April in 2011 the organizational form of the university was changed, it became state-funded according to the order of the Ministry of education and science of Russia. Our modern name is a federal state government-funded educational institution of higher professional education “Smolensk State University”.

Now there are 8 faculties, 40 departments of the university, more than 480 lecturers and professors. There are also 75 doctors of science and about 300 candidates of science and associate professors. In recent years more than 30 lecturers and professors became full members and member-correspondents of Russian and foreign academies. They are also in big international societies and associations of scientists.

At the university over 4 thousand students are trained in an internal form of education, nearly 2100 students are trained in a correspondence form of education. The university increases the training courses, 35 courses of bachelor training and 22 courses of master training are open.

The university is proud of its history and its graduates. At different times great poets such as Tvardovsky, Isakovsky, Rylenkov etc. worked and studied at the university.

In recent years more than 60 collective and individual research projects got grants of national and international academic and charity foundations. In postgraduate of the university highly qualified specialists study different things such as mathematics, zoology, philology, history, literature, Russian, German and Romance languages, linguistics, pedagogy, philosophy. There are the Dissertation Councils for defending Candidate and Doctorate theses.

The University has strong international relationships with University of Hagen (Germany), Technical University of Dresden (Germany), Bloomsburg University (USA), universities in Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic States. Abroad training courses for the university lecturers, professors and students became regular, which are carried out on the basis of contracts, and on the basis of the International Academic Exchange (ACTR, IREX, Fulbright, DAAD, etc.). For many years the University has successfully conducted teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Modern education is impossible without the promotion of IT-technologies. They are widely used in the organization of the educational process in Smolensk State University. According to the new standards the information infrastructure of the University develops, the number of computer network classes (over 650 PKI) grows, including specialized classes, the unlimited Internet is developed, remote education is carried out with the remote education Centre in the University of Hagen, in sociology, and there are also remote scientific events.

In 2010 Smolensk State University became a participant of the project of the European Union “Tempus VI”. We did it together with 11 universities in Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Our university joined the consortium of universities in an educational management development program, which unifies the universities.

We have contacts to the well-known American company Cisco which is based in the Silicon Valley and it is the most advanced enterprise in the area which is connected with computer technologies. In 2010 Smolensk State University became a part of the Cisco Networking Academy in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The university cooperates with educational institutions in China. At the university there are students from Peking and Shanghai Universities and also from provincial higher education institutions of the People’s Republic of China, who have exchange education.

In 2010 the university signed the agreement with Russia Federal Space Agency about creation in the university the space service centre for the purpose of professional development and retraining of civil servants for work with the use of the GLONASS system. In 2011 a nuclear industry information centre was opened in the university.

The university aspires to formation of a high-grade university campus and develops the infrastructure, it includes three educational buildings united in a uniform complex, a concert hall, a cafeteria, a library, a sanatorium-preventorium, a health center, the educational and improving base located in the territory of the national park “Smolensk Poozerye”, 4 student hostels; construction of an educational building, a student hostel and a multipurpose sports complex is in process.

Wide complex of services is offered by the high school library which is a regional methodological center. There are more than 780 thousand books and magazines, including 15 thousand books of rare editions. Today the library offers students interactive access to the catalogs of the books.

The university pays its special attention to students, their extracurricular activities, sports life and social security.

Teams and young student-athletes prepared by the university’s trainers regularly take prizes on the All-Russia and international sports competitions, city competitions on volleyball, football, basketball, judo, kettlebell lifting, athletics, table tennis and other sports.

The KVN team is well-known in the area. The university actively takes part in the most various All-Russia creative competitions (artists, journalists, poets, linguists). The volunteer movement develops well at the university. Trade union associations with support of the administration will organize socially significant and charitable actions. The university consistently realizes the long-term program «Smolensk State University is the University of Healthy Lifestyle».

Long-term experience also created the university’s traditionally attentive relation to the entrants. The university consistently realizes the concept, which consists in quality improvement of entrants’ knowledge, offering programs of professionalizing and preparation for entering higher education institutions.

Smolensk State University remains socially focused university that offers fundamental classical education, demanded by society, employers, region and country economy.

the smolenks state medical Medical universty has 8 faculty.

Faculty of General Medicine

Faculty of Denstry

Faculty of Pediadtrics

Faculty of Foreing Student

Faculty of pharmaceutucs

Faculty of cilinical Psycholgy and cocial work

Faculty of Postgyraduate Studies 

Faculty of Higher PUrsing


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