Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University

Southern Federal University is a modern research university with emphasis on innovations and entrepreneurship. In its academic activities it combines studies with fundamental and applied science, as well as cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches.SFedU traces its history back to 1915. The University’s position in the national university rankings provides persuasive evidence to its achievements, a positive image and a passion for excellence: SFedU was awarded the 5th place in the Annual Independent National University Rankings. Over 33 thousand SFedU students (the 2015 data) have already had the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of studying at SFedU, some of which are listed below.

Faculty of Biology and Soil Science

Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Geology & Geography

Faculty of High Techs

Faculty of History

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics & Computer Science

Faculty of Philology & Journalism

Faculty of Philosophy & Cultural Studies

Faculty of Psychology

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Regional Studies

Faculty of Social and Political Science

Faculty of Linguistics & Philology

Faculty of Pedagogy & Psychology

Faculty of Physical Education & Sport

Faculty of Economics, Management & Legal Studies

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Technology & Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Visual Arts

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Sciences

Faculty of Continuing and Extended Education

Faculty of Advanced Training & Professional Development for Teachers