Süleyman Demirel University

Süleyman Demirel University

Süleyman Demirel University (SDU) (Turkish: Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi) is a public university located in Isparta, Turkey. Established in 1992, the university, with around 70.000 students, is the second[5] largest academic institution in Turkey. SDU is known for its programs in agricultural research, medicine, engineering, and business sciences. The university (Institution Code: TR ISPARTA01) is approved by the Erasmus programme for participation and funding. SDU is a member of European University Association.

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of Aquatic Products

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Theology

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Forestry

Faculty of Technical Education

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Technological development ogy

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Education