Technical University of Sofia

Technical University of Sofia

   The Technical University (Bulgarian: Технически университет), based in Sofia, is the largest technical university in Bulgaria. 

   Founded on 15 October 1945 as part of the Higher Technical School (later renamed to State Polytechnic), it is an independent institution since 1953, when the Polytechnic was divided into four separate technical institutes. It has had its present name and university status since 21 July 1995 and has 14 main faculties based in Sofia, Plovdiv and Sliven, as well as 3 additional ones with education only in foreign languages — German, English and French. 

   The university is divided into:

    1) main faculties in Sofia:

Faculty of Automation

Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technology

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Power Engineering and Power Machines

Faculty of Computer Systems and Control

Faculty of Communications and Communications technologies

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Machine Technology

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Transport

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

     2) main faculties in Plovdiv:

Faculty of Electronics and Automation

Faculty of Mechanical and Device Engineering

    3) a main faculty in Sliven:

Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy