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Universidad Pública de Navarra

€5,520.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)

  • Universidad Pública de Navarra
  • Universidad Pública de Navarra
  • Universidad Pública de Navarra

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Təhsil haqqı : €5,520.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)
Qəbul etdiyi imtahan : Qəbul: TOEFL, IELTS
Tarix : 10/30/2018
Qəbul : Qəbul bitib
Ölkə/Şəhər/Ünvan : Pamplona, Navarre, Spain

The Public University of Navarre is a public university created in 1987 by the government of the Spanish autonomous region of Navarre (Spanish: Navarra, Basque: Nafarroa). The main campus is located in Pamplona, at the outskirts of the city, near the CA Osasuna’s El Sadar Stadium, and a new campus was opened in Tudela, a city in southern Navarre, for the 2008-09 academic year. The Health Sciences building (Spanish: Ciencias de la Salud) was placed off-campus near the two biggest hospitals of the city.Currently there are about 10,000 students taking fifteen different degrees, the most popular of which are business administration and several different engineering degrees.

Economic and Business sciences

Human and Social sciences

Legal Sciences

Agricultural Engineers

Industrial engineers and Telecommunications

Health sciences


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