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University Canada West

$24,960.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)

  • University Canada West
  • University Canada West
  • University Canada West

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Təhsil haqqı : $24,960.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)
Qəbul etdiyi imtahan : Qəbul: TOEFL, IELTS
Tarix : 11/10/2018
Qəbul : Qəbul bitib
Ölkə/Şəhər/Ünvan : 626 W Pender St #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9, Канада

University Canada West (UCW)[5] is a private, for-profit, educational institution[6] in British Columbia, Canada. The university was founded in 2005 by David F. Strong, the former president of the University of Victoria, purchased in 2008 by the Eminata Group, and is currently owned by Global University Systems.[7][8] The university is based in downtown Vancouver, and as of 2018 offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in business and management.

The University is accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, and carries the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) accreditation under the 2003 Degree Authorization ActThe University is also a member of the British Columbia Council on Admission & Transfer and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

As of 2018 UCW offers a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, and an MBA. The mode of study for these degrees is either full-time on campus or part-time online. It also offers an Associate of Arts degree


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$24,960.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)

University Canada West

  • 0505182330

  • 626 W Pender St #100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9, Canada
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Tarix: 10/08/2018
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