University of Fredericton

University of Fredericton

The University of Fredericton is a degree-granting online university providing certificate and graduate degree programs in business leadership in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.[The University of Fredericton offers MBA and EMBA Programs under Section 3 of the Degree Granting Act of the Province of New Brunswick in Canada. The University of Fredericton received accreditation for these programs on April 10, 2007.

Anthropology (Fredericton)

Archaeology (Fredericton)

Classics and Ancient History (Fredericton)

Creative Writing (Fredericton)

Culture and Media Studies (Fredericton)

Drama (Fredericton)

Economics (Fredericton)

English (Fredericton)

Faculty of Arts (Fredericton)

Faculty of Arts (Saint John)

French (Fredericton)

History (Fredericton)

History & Politics (Saint John)

Humanities & Languages (Saint John)

International Development Studies (Fredericton)

Philosophy (Fredericton)

Political Science (Fredericton)

Psychology (Fredericton)

Psychology (Saint John)

Social Science (Saint John)

Sociology (Fredericton)