University of Tampere

University of Tampere

The University of Tampere (UTA) is a public university in Tampere, Finland offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes with 20,178 degree students and 1,981 employees as of 2016. Founded in 1925 in Helsinki as the Civic College (Finnish: Kansalaiskorkeakoulu) and from 1930 onwards known as the School of Social Sciences (Finnish: Yhteiskunnallinen korkeakoulu), the institution relocated to Tampere in 1960 and was renamed as the University of Tampere in 1966. In 2016, its budget was €184.6 million of which 59% was government funding. The university will merge with Tampere University of Technology to create the new Tampere University on 1 January 2019. Together with Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University will constitute the Tampere higher education community.


Faculty of Communication Sciences (COMS) 

Faculty of Education (EDU)

Faculty of Management (JKK)

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences (MED)

Faculty of Natural Sciences (LUO)

Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)