University of Vaasa

University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa  is a multidisciplinary, business-oriented university in Vaasa, Finland. The campus of the university is situated by the Gulf of Bothnia adjacent to downtown Vaasa. The university has evolved from a school of economics founded in 1968 to a university consisting of four different schools: The School of Accounting and Finance, The School of Management, The School of Marketing and Communications and the School of Technology and Innovations. Philosophy and Faculty of Technology. University of Vaasa is one of the largest business universities in Finland. The university has personnel of around 500 which includes a teaching staff of 180 and 54 professors. Around 5000 students are currently studying in various degree programs at the university.

School of Management

Human Resource Management

Public Law

Public Management

Regional Studies

Social and Health Management

Strategic Management

School of Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance

Business Law


School of Marketing and Communications

Communication studies

International Business


School of Technology and Innovations

Mathematics and Statistics

Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology

Computer Science