University of Wrocław

University of Wrocław

The University of Wrocław (UWr; Polish: Uniwersytet Wrocławski; German: Universität Breslau; Latin: Universitas Wratislaviensis) is a public research university located in Wrocław, Poland. The University of Wrocław was founded in 1945, replacing the previous German University of Breslau. Following the territorial changes of Poland’s borders academics primarily from the John Casimir University of Lviv (Polish: Lwów) restored the university building heavily damaged and split as a result of the Battle of Breslau (1945). Nowadays it is one of the most prominent educational institutions in the region.

Faculty of Biological Sciences.

Faculty of Biotechnology.

Faculty of Chemistry.

Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Management.

Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences.

Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics.

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Faculty of Philology.