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Varna Free University

€1,920.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)

  • Varna Free University
  • Varna Free University
  • Varna Free University
  • Varna Free University
  • Varna Free University

Universitet haqda məlumat

Təhsil haqqı : €1,920.00(İxtisasa görə dəyişir)
Qəbul etdiyi imtahan : Qəbul: TOEFL, IELTS
Tarix : 10/19/2018
Qəbul : Qəbul bitib
Ölkə/Şəhər/Ünvan : Chayka Resort, Varna, Bulgaria, 9007

   Varna Free University „Černorizec Hrabǎr“ (University Free of Varna) is a private university in the Bulgarian town of Varna, created in 1991 by resolution of the 37th National Assembly.

   The university is institutionally accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Agency at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria, receiving the maximum period and assessment grade, 6 years and 9.20 (10 being the highest possible) respectively.

   It educates more than 12,000 students above 80 undergraduate (bachelor’s) and 20 graduate (master’s) programs and in 20 accredited research courses for PhD students.


Faculty of International Economics and Administration Faculty

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Architecture 


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