Vladimir State University

Vladimir State University

The foundation of our University dates back to 1958 when the branch of Moscow Institute of Electronic Machine Building was set up in Vladimir. In 1969 it was transformed into the Vladimir Polytechnical Institute. Due to further achievements in the development of material-technical resources, academic activities and research the University was given the status of a Classical University in 1996. In 2002 the University became the full member of Eurasian Association of Classical Universities.Nowadays the Vladimir State University is the leading educational establishment, centre of science and culture of the Vladimir region taking an active part in the country’s innovation educational programme. Thousands of our graduates have become famous academic researchers, managers of large enterprises, scientific and educational institutions, leading statesmen. This is achieved due to the staff consisting of highly qualified faculty members with 30-40 years of experience of work at the University. At present the main University’s goal is to be modern, dynamic institution providing the high level of academic, scientific and educational work.

Institute of Innovative Technologies

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