Volgograd State University

Volgograd State University

Volgograd State University (VolSU) is famous abroad for the quality of education, high scientific potential, innovative projects and active social position.VolSU today represents modern educational technologies, educational programs of different levels, dissertation councils where candidate and doctor dissertations are defended, first-class professors – doctor and candidate of sciences, representatives of the real sectors of the economy. VolSU cooperates with 54 partners from CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America. University students are actively involved in the academic exchange programs and join international projects. VolSU treasures its history, has its own symbols (a flag, hymn, University’s coat of arms), creates its own traditions. Holdings of our Museums contain unique artifacts used in the educational and scientific work. On May 24 – the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture – we celebrate the Day of Volgograd State University.  

VolSU is a Member of the Eurasian Association of Universities Eurasia, the Association of Classic Universities of Russia, the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature; Regional Centre for Science, Education and Culture.VolSU has 48 faculties and research centers, 22 four-year bachelor (Russian: бакалавр) degrees, 11 two-year master’s (Russian: магистр) degrees, 42 kandidat nauk (Candidate of science, equals PhD) postgraduate degrees, and 9 doktor nauk (Doctor of science) degrees. 

Philology and Intercultural Communication 

Management and Regional Economy 

History, International Relations and  Social Technologies 

World Economy and Finances 

Priority Technologies Physics and  Telecommunications 

Mathematics and Informational Technologies 


Natural Sciences 

Continuing education