Yalova University

Yalova University

University of Yalova (Turkish: Yalova Üniversitesi) is a university in Turkey’s Yalova Province.University of Yalova (UYA) has been founded under the Law no 5765 on May 22, 2008 and Prof. Dr. M. Niyazi Eruslu has been appointed as the first rector.The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Vocational School of Higher Education of Yalova that had already been established and functioning as a constituent of Uludag University became a part of the recently founded university following the enactment of the law. The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the University provides education at the undergraduate and provides postgraduate levels for students from foreign countries and from Turkey. The faculty offers academic programs that strive to teach administrative, entrepreneurial, and economical skills. It encourages providing, compiling, and publishing new sources of information in the field of economics and administrative sciences. Also the faculty contributes the business world through programs that aim at mastering efficiency and productivity. Newer departments include business administration (English), international relations (English), social service and labor economics – industrial relations have already been established.

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